The Art and Design Portfolio of Matthew L. Watson

StellarWolf Tea

Logo & identity for a tea vendor in the planning stages.

Split Gorilla

The client had a pretty specific idea of what he wanted — a bisected gorilla head in which one half was normal and the other was skeletal. I was like, «Yes.»

— Alternate Wordmark —


Simple & elegant emblematic logo and identity creation for jewelry crafter.

Bri Painting

Palette knife to AI imagetrace.

Sleeping Calico

Logo and assets for Etsy jewelry shop and advertising.

Skulls; Waiting

Drew this of me and a friend while waiting forever at the doctor's office.


Hand-drawn logo for Clothier.

MIXT Smoothies

Logo & identity for a smoothie and health bar in the planning stages.

Snail — Hotdog — Skateboard

A random drawing prompt generator gave me those three items. This is what I drew. Originally I started with a snail eating a hotdog on a skateboard, but decided to go lateral with it.


Logos for technical solutions group, design oriented towards automotive engineering.

Alternate 1